Meet Yadireddy, a beggar from Andhra capital city Vijayawada, who donated a silver crown to Lord Ram.
At a time when many across the country are facing a severe cash crunch, the offering made by the beggar to Lord Ram came as a surprise for many.
75 year old Yadireddy hailing from Nalgonda district of Telangan had came to Vijayawada as teenager. During his life’s journey for livelihood he did many odd jobs and drove a rickshaw for almost forty five years. But for past few years, as he turned old, he started begging on the city streets. He actally realised soon that he was earning more than what he needs and since he has no family, Yadireddy decided to spent his extra earnings on spiritual work.
“I believe in god and I have only survived till now due to the strength and courage he has given me. As a thank you, I …