Pasadena – which ranked first among 32 cities in 24 states for reducing homelessness from 2009-2016 in a just-released survey report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors – has also quietly accomplished another feat: there are no longer any unsheltered homeless families living here.
“We’re happy to say that according to our last survey, we don’t have any homeless families out on the streets,” said Pasadena’s Department of Housing and Career Services Director William Huang.
Huang said Pasadena recorded a drop of more than a 60 percent in the number of homeless families as reported in the Hunger and Homelessness Survey, and that much of the credit for the achievement should go to the City’s Housing First program,
That program, he said, was created to quickly provide permanent housing to homeless individuals and families, as opposed to moving them through different levels of temporary housing before eventually placing them in independent housing.
Some residents …