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Twice a month, Heather Wilson meets with a sewing circle. Each time they gather, group members carefully craft dresses so small that it’s hard to imagine who the garments are for. The satin white material is taken from donated wedding dresses, complete with soft lace and patterned beadwork.
Beautifully sewn, these tailor-made dresses – called Kennedy’s Angel Gowns – are intended for something uncommon and often unspoken.
Seven years ago, Heather and her husband Demitri were readying their home for the addition of their baby girl. The nursery, painted and themed with fluttering, colorful butterflies, was complete, bursting with gifts from friends and family. Three baby showers celebrated the infant’s future.
Already 35 weeks pregnant and scheduled for an induction on August 24, 2009, Heather had only eight days separating her from holding her baby, Kennedy Milan.
The scheduled birth would never …