A 12-year-old boy who sleeps for three and a half months at a time has celebrated his first Christmas awake in four years.
Connor Prince, from Toton, Nottinghamshire, has rare sleep disorder Kleine Levin Syndrome, which has caused him to sleep through the past four Christmases.
His mum Dana, 44, said: ‘The last three years have put such a strain on the family, as we haven’t been able to plan any holidays.
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‘I’ve had to give up work to look after Connor. He is sleeping through months of his life and special occasions, like Christmas. It’s heart-breaking to watch.’
She said the family were ‘over the moon’ when he was awake on December 25 long enough to play chess on his specially designed Harry Potter board.’
Connor was often sickly as a child and in the first few years of his life, he …