Unlike the dog-friendly confines of Amazon.com’s Seattle campus, Microsoft’s halls in Redmond are a no-animal zone.
That doesn’t mean Microsofties don’t love their furry friends, though. Evidence of that arrived in mailboxes recently in the form of employee-produced calendars showcasing hundreds of their pets.
The Cats of Microsoft and Dogs of Microsoft calendars are long-running employee-piloted fundraisers benefiting animal causes in Washington. Anyone who wants their cat or dog — or, in rarer cases, a horse or iguana — featured in the glossy timetables has to donate.
Because the pool of donors and photo contributors is the mostly well paid, competitive, and occasionally obsessive crew of Microsoft employees, the fundraising haul is significant.
When the cat calendar started in 2007, “I said, ‘Hopefully we do $1,000 in our first year,’?” said Karen Easterbrook, a manager in Microsoft’s research organization who has worked on the calendar every autumn since then.
The cat …