“Who the Heck Is Alexis Ohanian, and Why Would Serena Williams Want to Date Him?” Slate magazine asked in a headline last year.
Mr. Ohanian is a co-founder of Reddit, and, as of Thursday, Ms. Williams not only wants to date him, but plans to marry him.
Ms. Williams, the tennis superstar, announced her engagement to Mr. Ohanian on Reddit, the website that claims the label “the front page of the internet.”
The Reddit post featured a drawing of Snoo, the site’s mascot, dressed as Mr. Ohanian and kneeling with a diamond in its hand. A female Snoo, styled after Ms. Williams and wearing a tennis skirt, Nike top and headband, floated above him with a smile on her face.
Above the picture was the headline, “Future Mrs. Kn0thing.” It was a nod to the site and its community: Mr. Ohanian has long gone by the handle Kn0thing.
In blank verse, Ms. Williams, whose account …