Two sanitation workers paid it forward this Christmas after hearing heartbreaking news about a child who waves to them through her window.
Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fritz of Hometown Sanitation left gifts for three sisters who wave to them each Thursday after learning that one of them, 3-year-old Rose, had been fighting cancer.
The men also gave their parents free garbage service for one year.
“When they did that, it was a few weeks out from the diagnosis when every day just felt so impossible,” said Rose’s mother, Angie Evenson, of Blue Earth, Minnesota. “Nothing in reality changes Rose’s diagnosis, but it’s those little acts of kindness. What they did made us feel like we are truly not alone in this fight.”
With binoculars in hand, Rose and her two sisters, Grace, 5, and Sophia, 2, sit by the window and wave at their garbage men, Olsen and Fritz, as they drive by during …