“The Department of Education are going to be rolling out a new health and well-being programme.
“This means up to Junior Cert young people will have to do 300 hours of this particular class. We have divided it into three age groups — so from 0-12, 13-18 and 19-25.
“Obviously the zero to 12 will be looking at the primary school level and what it is we can do to help them maintain their own well-being but also so they can identify if they’re experiencing a problem,” Ms McEntee told the Irish Sun.
“It’s important young people know that while celebs like Kim Kardashian are great and all, they have personal trainers and stylists looking after them — and our young people need to be happy with who they are as people,” Ms McEntee told the Irish Sun.
Amy Molloy A mother who recently shared her story about caring for her disabled daughter on …