When William Difilippantonio saw his wife, Virginia, on pier 14 of Naval Station Norfolk, he couldn’t wait another second to kiss her.
William jumped over a rail separating families from incoming sailors, grabbed his wife, picked her up and held her tightly. They were all smiles as William took Virginia’s backpack, exchanging it for his coat and a bouquet of flowers.
The couple, who were married in May 2015, have been separated for more than a year by two back-to-back deployments.
“It felt pretty bad. She was my relief,” William said. “While I was coming home, she was going out.”
William was the first to leave on Nov. 3, 2015 with the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group. The planned seven-month deployment was extended by 30 days, bringing him back to Norfolk on July 13 – a month and a half after Virginia deployed for seven months with the USS Dwight D. …