Picture this, you’re almost 90-years old, you’ve been living in a house for over three decades, and all of a sudden, you’re evicted. That’s exactly what happened to Florida resident, Angie Tyma, who was kicked out of her house just weeks before her 89th birthday.
Several years ago, Tyma sold her house to a family friend, but the owner lived in Europe and when they ran into some financial trouble, they just stopped paying the mortgage which eventually forced the house into foreclosure. When the new owners came, she was kicked out onto the streets. She was by herself, her husband had passed away almost 20 years ago, but she wasn’t alone. The neighborhood had her back.
A neighbor who lived just a few houses away, Danielle Calder (65), went to the investment company that owned the home and was able to purchase the house back for $167,500. On Tyma’s 89th birthday, …