If you’re long- or short-sighted technologies like laser eye surgery can be a game changer. However, for many more serious sight-related conditions which render sufferers completely blind there is still no treatment available. That’s where new research may be able to help — courtesy of gene therapies capable of providing anything from the modulation of activity of specific genes to full-on gene replacement.
“There has been a great deal of progress in recent years in developing gene delivery approaches for the treatment of inherited blinding diseases,” Dr. Jean Bennett of the University of Pennsylvania told Digital Trends.
In a research project, published in the journal Human Gene Therapy, a team led by Bennett tested new methods for delivering therapeutic genes directly to the eye. These included two so-called “AAV vectors” named AAV7m8 and AAV8BP2, which have been especially engineered to target specific types of retinal cells. AAV vectors work by transmitting corrected genes and …