By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Jan 1st 2017 22:31Z, last updated Sunday, Jan 1st 2017 22:31Z
A Chinese family consisting of grandmother, mother and three small children were making holidays in a hotel in Phuket. In the evening of Dec 28th grandmum was carrying her 2 year old grandson and a bottle, when she slipped and fell, the bottle broke, the 2 year old received a long deep cut on the index finger of his left hand and bleeded accordingly.
Both mum and grandmum, just talking Chinese, weren’t able to make themselves understood to the hotel staff while asking for medical assistance, grandmum rushed to the dining room to find help by countrymen able to speak English.
The flight crew of a Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737-800, scheduled to depart at 02:20 the next morning and in their civilian dress, had just finished dinner when they observed the woman rushing in …