MERCEDES – A family living in an Hidalgo County colonia gave CHANNEL 5 NEWS a glimpse of what they face each day.
The crew arrived at the Hernandez home just as the sun came up. In a worn-down trailer on a small plot of land, Adela Hernandez and two of her children got ready for the day.
Hernandez walked the twin 3-year-olds outside to wait for the bus. As the bus arrived, she told them, “Both of you take care of each other, yes?”
It’s just after 7 a.m. Hernandez’s husband was already working in the fields. She said jobs are hard to find, and somedays there are none. Hernandez waited for her call about work.
“Sometimes I plant seeds. Sometimes I have to separate the plants from each other, so that they won’t be bunched up together. Sometimes I have to remove the grass from the plants,” she explained. “Sometimes five hours, seven …