ISTANBUL — An American shot during the Istanbul nightclub rampage told NBC News he survived the ordeal by playing dead, remaining silent and motionless even after the gunman shot him.
Jake Raak was one of about 60 people injured during a rampage in and around the Reina nightclub early New Year’s Day. Thirty-nine people were killed — most of them foreigners.
Authorities were engaged in an international manhunt Monday for the suspect, who fled the scene after the shooting. Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmu? told reporters Monday that investigators had recovered his fingerprints and expected to be able to identify him soon.
Kurtulmu? said eight people were already in custody as authorities pursued others connected to the gunman.
Raak, 35, of Greenville, Delaware, recalled that as the gunman moved through the club spraying bullets, he targeted people who were lying on the floor.
“When …