STEWARTVILLE, MINN. – Barbara Fischer is a single mother to 14 children. Ten of them were adopted with significant disabilities.
Yet it was her youngest daughter and probably her last adopted child, Arianna, who asked the most wondrous questions. Soon after bringing her home, the then 7-year-old scanned the night sky and asked, “What’s that?”
It was the moon. She had never seen it before.
Arianna had spent the past five years of her young life in a San Diego hospital ward, largely isolated from most childhood experiences. Her birth mom had given her up, unable to care for a child with such intensive medical needs. Arianna suffers from a neuromuscular disease similar to childhood amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. She is fed through a tube and uses a ventilator much of the day to help her breathe.
And no family wanted to adopt her, until Barbara Fischer came along.
Fischer wasn’t bringing …