GATLINBURG (WATE) — When disaster strikes the simple things in life can become the things that matter most. Ontaria Kirby and her husband are professional chefs from Maryland who are in Gatlinburg helping fire victims and volunteers.
“It’s already a taxing time for everybody, so when you can sit down and have a nice warm meal it’s a piece of love, it’s a piece of community when you’ve lost everything,” said Kirby.
After a fire a destroyed their home Baltimore, Maryland the couple was ready for a change.
“We just had a lot of things not go our way and after it was all said and done, we just decided to get on the trail,” said Kirby. “We were looking for a new path… a fresh start.”
During their trip down the Appalachian Trail the couple heard about the fire sweeping across Sevier County.
“We both said, let’s go help out with this fire, let’s see …