Pittsburgh Steelers fan Ernest Freeman gave a man he saw on the street a fantastic Christmas gift.
Freeman had an extra ticket to the Baltimore Ravens vs. Steelers Christmas Day game. He was going to sell the ticket but opted to give the ticket away after listening to Johnny Gill’s “Give Love On Christmas Day,” via CBS in Pittsburgh.
There’s a line in Gill’s song about giving love to a man on the street and that gave Freeman the noble idea to give his extra ticket away.
Freeman found Ricky aka Stretch as he’s known on the streets of Pittsburgh and invited him along to the Week 16 game.
Ricky, 43, had never been to a Steelers game having lived in Pittsburgh all his life.
Freeman posted a picture of the two on social media at the game.
Freeman said that Ricky’s joy and astonishment during the game is something he will never forget.
Props to Freeman for his extremely kind gesture. That is …