Kailey has paid it forward in a big way.
Just a month ago, the rescue dog was on death row at a shelter in Georgia after spending a year waiting to be adopted.
According to Fox 5, Suzy Chandler saved the shepherd mix just in time. Kailey’s owner decided to bring the three-year-old pup home after reading a Facebook post about the formerly abused dog and her resulting introverted behavior, which made it difficult for her to get adopted.
As a thank you for saving her life, Kailey returned the favor, sniffing out a gas leak in Chandler’s home.
“All of a sudden she just started barking and looking at us and growling, like trying to get our attention and I said well what’s the matter with her,” Chandler told Fox 5.
Thinking the dog might want to go outside, Chandler took Kailey out to the backyard, where the eager canine immediately started pulling her …