A woman who is fondly known as “Mother” in the Matunga Police station was treated to a wonderful surprise on her 83rd birthday when the Mumbai police threw her a party to celebrate the occasion! Lalita Subramanyam, who lives in Matunga, has been living alone in her flat for 25 years. Two of her children live in the US and one lives in Bangalore, so she doesn’t get to see them often.
The local police have always helped her out with her errands, including bank transactions, as she is in a list of senior citizens who require added care and protection by the police.
This isn’t the first time the Matunga personnel have taken a special interest in Subramanyam’s life. She is so beloved that they celebrated her birthday last year as well. This year, the Deputy Commissioner of Police Ashok Dudhe who was the Zonal DCP of the area last year, also attended the …