Six-year-old Connor Guillet, who only uses sign language to communicate, has finally found the perfect companion: a 3-year-old deaf dog named Ellie.
The pair are a “match made in heaven,” Connor’s mom, Brandi, told CBS News.
Connor was adopted at just 4 weeks old. And at the time, Brandi knew her son, who was born addicted to opiates, would have an uphill battle. 
“Connor is severely delayed psychologically, physically and emotionally,” she  explained. “He is nonverbal and requires speech therapy. It is unknown whether he has the ability to speak with a limited vocabulary.”
Since he also has issues with gross motor skill, even Connor’s use of sign language is extremely difficult.
Since his adoption, Connor has been diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder called DiGeorge syndrome, damage to the brain and nervous system, and autism. Despite all of that, Brandi is determined to give Connor the life he deserves.
And that wouldn’t be possible without their …