Grant Kessler wore a full suit and tie, including a tie clip, to the hospital
Yesterday, Grant and Iris Kessler’s older sister, Olivia, gave birth to a baby girl. Iris, 16, and Grant, 18, became an Aunt and an Uncle for the first time. Seeing one’s sibling become a parent is a special occasion, so Grant decided to show this baby the respect she deserves on her first day on earth. And he did it in style.
Iris posted a picture of her brother in a full suit and tie, awaiting the birth of his niece at the hospital. She wrote that he said he was wearing the suit because “First impressions matter.” Be still our beating hearts.
Yes, Grant Kessler, Uncle Extraordinaire, showed up to meet a newborn looking on point: from the hair, to the cool nerd glasses, to the suit and black skinny tie, this man knows how to dress …