FORT WASHAKIE, Wyo. – George Abeyta taught in his Wyoming middle school classroom for over 20 years, getting to know hundreds of students along the way. He tried to inspire them to go to college and graduate.
“As you go up the hallway, you’ll see every 8th grade class,” Abeyta told KTWO-TV. “I’m looking at those classes and I’m thinking, here this person graduated. Maybe two or three out of every class.”
In 1999, at that year’s 8th grade graduation, he made a promise to all 35 students to provide an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland.
“And of course they’re all excited,” Abeyta said. Then he told them the catch, “Upon graduation from a four year college.”
Since then, no one contacted him on his offer, except for one.
A few weeks ago Stanford Ware got ahold of My. Abeyta on Facebook. Showing his certificate for one trip to Disneyland along with his degree …