Mickey Wilson was on a chairlift at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado on Wednesday morning.
In the chair ahead of him was another man, whom Wilson would describe as a friend of a friend. But when that man tried to get off the lift, he became entangled and ended up dangling above the ground, the Denver Post reported.
“He was not only caught, he was literally being hung by his neck by his backpack,” Wilson told the newspaper.
The man was hanging about 3 to 4 feet below the chair, Wilson said. His feet dangled about 10 feet off the Colorado snow.
“It was one of the most scary things I’ve ever seen, honestly,” Wilson told the newspaper. “Just seeing a person get the life sucked out of them. I kind of stopped thinking and just started acting.”
Wilson and others on the scene first tried to stack themselves in pyramid formation, according to the newspaper. That didn’t work, but …