A very old horse is Still Kickin’ — thanks to one very devoted friend. Tony Dokoupil has their story:
“Morning, kids!”
When Donnie MacAdams wakes up to feed the horses, there’s one in particular that gets special attention.
“Waco! How ya doing? Want your grain?” he yells out.
Waco Hanover is a retired harness racer, living out his days on a farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
Waco was never able to outrun most horses, but he’s certainly managed to outlive them.
This month Waco is celebrating a very rare birthday, for a horse: The big 4-0 — that’s about 120 in people years.
Under an old rule of horseracing, January 1st is considered the universal birthday of runners. Since the life expectancy for a horse is about 25 years, he’s one old horse.
Donnie MacAdams is a big part of Waco’s longevity. Living in an apartment above the barn, he’s not only caretaker but kind …