The town of Cowansville, Que., is taking a slightly different approach when it comes to salting icy roads this season.
In an effort to reduce its ecological footprint, the municipality in the Eastern Townships has added a little beet juice into the mix, which is meant to save money and protect the environment.
“The beet juice is sprayed directly on the salt,” said Sylvain Perreault, infrastructure superintendent for the town.
“A portion of the beet is given to the animals. The rest is used to deglaze roads.”
By mixing beet juice with ordinary road salt, the municipality uses less salt overall and minimizes its environmental impact.
The sticky mixture keeps salt on the roads, which reduces run-off. It has also proven effective in the United States at helping rock salt melt ice below its –9 C limit.
When sprayed before a storm, a thin layer of beet juice will keep the ice from bonding with the road surface. It is, moreover, less corrosive than other salt-chemical mixtures.
Cowansville …