SUFFOLK, Va. — A husband is preparing to give his wife the gift of life the day before their 20th wedding anniversary. Scott Chafian is donating a kidney to his wife, Cindy in an operation scheduled for January 24, reports CBS Norfolk, Virginia affiliate WTKR-TV.
Simple actions such as cooking dinner or going out to Busch Gardens are hard or impossible for Cindy now due to polycystic kidney disease, with which she was diagnosed in her 20s. It’s a disease in which excessive cyst growth shuts down kidneys.
“It is very difficult. When I started out, I wanted to do home dialysis. Peritoneal, where I had a little bit more control. I’ve been through two years of one surgery after another,” said Cindy.
Scott said watching his wife get increasingly sicker as she grew older was tough. “It’s devastating because, of course, you always see your spouse before you and to not have …