Artificial intelligence is often seen as a grave threat to our way of life, but when the moment comes, robots may be more interested in bickering with each other than in enslaving the human race.
At least you might think so from a few minutes of watching these two modified Google Home speakers, which have been arguing like an old married couple for days.
The two robots, Vladimir and Estragon, have seen their livestreamed conversations become an internet sensation on video service Twitch.
Over 3.5 million viewers, including thousands at any one moment, have tuned in to watch the pair debate the meaning of life, religion and love, but above all, their own existence.
The voice-controlled speakers are running the Cleverbot AI software, designed as a fun online chatbot for humans. But when two instances of the software talk to each other with it, it creates a never-ending and painful conversation that can go in any number of …