A NOVICE deaf Scottish sailor who led a massive rescue during a round-the-world race has won the world’s biggest yachting award – against some of the biggest stars on the water.
Gavin Reid, 28, an amateur sailor who was born profoundly deaf, has beaten his ‘heroes’, Giles Scott, the Rio 2016 Gold Medalist, and Brian Thompson, Round the Island Race Record Holder, to be honoured as the boats.com 2016 YJA Yachtsman of the Year.
The award recognised Gavin’s heroic act of seamanship whilst competing as a crew member in the Clipper 2015-16 Round the World Yacht Race, when he came to the mid-ocean rescue of a sailor found trapped at the top of the mast on another yacht, which was not competing in the Clipper Race.
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He and his Mission Performance crew were competing in Race 6 of the 14-stage Clipper …