Will Gibson, who has served in the Navy more than 2 decades and is stationed in San Diego, has created a national petition to reclassify PTSD as an injury, rather than a disorder.
Post-traumatic stress would fit better as an injury because it is caused by external forces, whereas disorders are often associated with genetic dispositions, he said.
“In the military, there’s the stigma that someone is weak or less capable, because it’s seen as a disorder. That can deter people from seeking treatment.”
He formed the petition Dec. 30 and needs 100,000 signatures by Jan. 29 for it to be brought before Congress.
The 41-year-old grew up in Dixon and graduated from Sterling High School in 1993, shortly before joining the Navy in 1995.
Over the summer, a good friend of Gibson’s committed suicide after being injured while serving in the Army. That prompted Gibson to find ways to increase awareness and help prevent …