This image from a video that was broadcast live on Facebook and later posted on Vidme shows a frame in which a man, right, is assaulted in Chicago. (Vidme via AP)
When Razor Sheldon saw the sickening news last week that a Chicago teen with a mental-health condition was violently attacked on Facebook Live, he was reminded of the last time a viral video moved him to act on behalf of the victim.
Then, as now, he noticed how the rush to denigrate the perpetrators, while appropriate, was louder than efforts to support the afflicted.
Sheldon is the man behind the popular UpliftingNews subreddit, a forum on the news aggregation site Reddit. It links to articles from around the world intended to make the reader feel uplifted, inspired or generally better about the state of humanity.
What started on a whim now has millions of visitors daily and a community of users eager to share, comment on …