A reminder that in times of crisis, there are still kindhearted people doing lovely things.
Getting harassed shouldn’t be the price of going out for a run
Across Europe, below-freezing conditions are putting people’s health at extreme risk, with more than 20 deaths counted.
In the midst of the extreme chill, it’d be easy for people to focus on looking after themselves and forget about those that are suffering.
But instead, kindhearted volunteers are taking the time to care for the stray dogs in the area, who aren’t provided with shelter or a place to stay.
Stray dogs in a shopping district in Turkey are being given food, blankets, and cardboard to sleep on.
This isn’t an effort from the council, but simply a good deed from passersby who’ve seen the dogs and worried for their wellbeing.
Shoppers have been heading home to pick up old blankets, towels, or clothes to drape over the dogs, …