It’s amazing what a haircut can do.
Case in point, Sinbad the cat, who was found in the basement of an elderly man’s home in December, carrying 5 lbs. of filthy, matted fur.
The Anti-Cruelty Society‘s humane investigation team received a phone call from a municipal worker about the feline who was living — if you can call it that — in a basement on the south side of Chicago, a shelter spokeswoman tells PEOPLE.
“Our humane investigation team went to the location and spoke with the owner of the cat,” says PR manager Colette Bradley. “He was an elderly man whose mental health was failing and he couldn’t care for the cat. Our humane investigators asked him if he would be willing to relinquish the cat into our care and he agreed. We brought him in to our facility and began to shave the 5 lbs. of matted hair off of him. …