One of Melbourne’s most generous families is donating AUD $4 million (US$3 million) for the construction of 57 housing units that will offer some of the city’s homeless a chance to have a roof over their heads.
The project is being funded by the Harris family, which has a rich history of giving back to the community. Brad Harris and his father Geoff are no strangers to making a difference with their generosity.
Back in 2014, the Harris family made headlines after buying a $2.5 million mansion in Collingwood and then converting it to a centre for the youth homelessness organisation Streat.
That luxury property was leased to Streat for the nominal sum of just $5 a year for 50 years.
“Having a roof overhead and food in your stomach is fundamental. It’s unacceptable that in a wealthy society like ours we’ve allowed this problem to grow worse,” Mr Harris told local journalists when …