The new coffee shop in downtown Fresno is aiming to teach valuable lessons to the students who work there – and the customers they serve.
Kids Cafe 2019, which opened Monday at 2019 Mariposa Mall, serves up a variety of coffee drinks, as well as soups and sandwiches – and also works as a hands-on classroom for some of Fresno County’s special education students.
Pupils from the Fresno County Office of Education’s adult transition program, which focuses on helping 18- to 22-year-olds become more independent, follow the lead of restaurant professionals at the cafe, handling everything from washing dishes and greeting customers to chopping vegetables and taking orders.
About 25 students already have received their food-handling certification, and the Office of Education aims to get about half of the 140 students in the adult transition program certified.
“Many of our students don’t have a plan when they leave us, and that’s really …