A New Mexico mother has been packing two lunches for school ever since her son asked her for an extra one for a young boy who had been sitting alone at lunch each day with just a fruit cup.
In an interview with Albuquerque television station KOAT last week, Josette Duran recounted her son’s unusual request, thinking that he wanted more food for himself.
“He said, ‘No mom, it’s for this little boy at school and he sits by himself and all he eats is a fruit cup,’” Duran said.
Since then, Duran has been sending her son to school with an extra lunch.
The school’s principal recently called her into the office after the other little boy’s mother found out she had been feeding her son, Duran told KOAT.
“She says, ‘Um, I know this isn’t much, but I just got a job and I know you’ve been feeding my son,’” Duran said in an emotional …