Talladega College is a historically-black college in Alabama, founded by slaves.  Now, the college’s marching band has not only agreed to play Trump’s Inauguration, they’ve raised $312,000 (and counting) to make it happen.
Update (12 noon PT Friday): The band has now crossed the $320,000 mark, and counting (just two hours after we published this piece).
Not one marching band from Washington, DC agreed to play Trump’s upcoming Inauguration.  Those bands, which hail from inner-city high schools and the largely-black Howard University, played both of Obama’s Inaugural parades.
Talledega College’s marching band has taken an entirely different approach.  The historically-black band not only agreed to play Trump’s parade, they’ve raised more than $300,000 to do it.  In fact, their GoFundMe page has gone absolutely wild over the past 24 hours.
How wild?  Less than 24 hours ago, DMN reported that the band was $10,000 below their funding goal.  That story was then picked up by …