A heroic dog has sniffed out a litter of abandoned Border Collie puppies while on a walk in the woods.
The puppies are now all happy and healthy, and are likely to find loving homes.
Their lives were in jeopardy when they were dumped in a plastic recycling bin in Failand Woods in Bristol.
Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary referred to the rescue as a “lassie style moment”, as the heroic dog who sniffed them out alerted her owner.
The dog’s owner then dropped off the three puppies at the sanctuary.
The animal sanctuary wrote on Facebook: “Luckily a dog out walking sniffed them out, and in a true ‘lassie style’ moment, alerted her owner to rescue them, thank goodness as we truly feel they wouldn’t have survived a cold winters night”.
“There is no excuse for leaving puppies in this manner. They were not secure in the box and could have easily have been killed.”
The puppies have …