McMaster University professor Gena Zuroski ordered a book on Amazon to replace one that vanished from her bookshelf years before, and by some miracle of circumstance, was sent the exact same copy she used to own.
The textbook in question is Consuming Subjects: Women, Shopping and Business in the 18th Century by Elizabeth Kowaleski-Wallace. Zuroski had owned a copy since grad school, and would often lend it out to students once she started teaching.
Then about four years ago, she realized it was gone. “I thought someone must have walked off with it,” she told CBC News.
Thankfully, we live in an age where just about anything is accessible with a couple of button clicks. Zuroski wanted another copy to lend out to a student, so she hopped on Amazon and bought the cheapest used copy she could find.
On Monday, the book came in the mail. She opened it up to find her name …