Dear President Obama,
I read that when you and Rahm Emanuel were faced with the tough decisions you had to make every day, you would joke about opening a t-shirt shack in Hawaii that only sold medium-sized, white t-shirts. So I decided to make it for you.
Your t-shirt shack is called Medium White Tee. It’s in Ward Village in Honolulu, and it’ll be open from January 11th until February 9th. In keeping with your vision, it’ll only sell white t-shirts, size medium. You’re welcome to come work there whenever you like. It’ll be staffed by volunteers until you show up for your shift.
Your sister Maya thought you might like a t-shirt from your t-shirt shack for Christmas, so I’m sending you Medium White Tee #1. She’ll also be the guest of honor at our opening.
I know this might seem silly, but I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done, …