A woman posed as a nurse before snatching  the 8-hour-old baby from her mother’s hospital room, brushing past the child’s grandmother and disappearing.
At the conference police said that due to the stress and situation, her new identity is not being released. Williams said she appears to be a normal healthy 18-year-old woman.
A 51-year-old woman, named as Gloria Williams, has been charged with kidnapping and interference with custody.
Williams said the Mobley family, who were not present at the news briefing, are elated. However he said there has been no decision made about a reunion. This will be up to the 18-year-old. But he said to try to imagine the gravity of what she’s dealing with right now, thinking all along that Williams was her mother.
Williams wouldn’t say how, but she had become aware that she may be linked to this case. It followed about 2,500 tips over the years.
There was no …