A Good Samaritan has been captured on dashcam rushing to save the life of a man found choking by the side of a US road.
Former American Ninja Warrior contestant Pavel Fesyuk was driving in Rochester, New York on Tuesday when he saw a man “hunched over” by the boot of his car, local broadcaster WHAM News reports.
“As I pulled closer you could see he was hunched over for a reason,” Mr Fesyuk said.
Noticing that no one was coming to the man’s aid, Mr Fesyuk approached the man, patting the man on the back.
Upon realising the man was in fact choking, Mr Fesyuk immediately seized and lifted him into the air to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre.
“Grabbed him, a couple thrusts, and then he ended up saying he swallowed whatever it was,” Mr Fesyuk said.
The pair exchange a few words, with the man patting Mr Fesyuk in apparent gratitude before they both returned to their cars.
Mr Fesyuk, who …