Friends and family are rallying around a former professional mountain biker from Vancouver after a burst blood vessel left him suddenly paralyzed.
And his amazing story of survival is drawing plenty of attention.
It was last Friday when 29-year-old Andrew Cho went home from a dinner party feeling ill. Unbeknownst to him, he’d burst a blood vessel in his spine.
After texting with a nurse friend, he decided to get up to unlock the door in case he needed to call paramedics.
That’s when friend Danny Brody says things went wrong.
“As soon as he got up, I guess something shifted in his back, and the blood vessel that had ruptured completely enclosed the spine in his c3 and c4 vertebrae, which cut off all feeling basically below that level, so his arms, his legs, his diaphragm. … Not only was he home alone, but he couldn’t yell for help.”
Cho dropped to the floor, paralyzed, …