A Winnipeg boy got the surprise of his life when his hockey hero showed up at his house to wish him a happy birthday.
It all started when Lucas Bydak, 8, wrote a letter to Winnipeg Jets rookie forward Patrik Laine and invited him to his birthday party planned for Jan. 7. 
“It sat on our fridge, because I didn’t think to mail it,” said Bydak’s mom Nicole Berube. “He kept insisting that I mail it to Patrik,” 
On Christmas Day his uncle saw the letter and decided to post a photo of the hand-written note on Twitter.
Turns out, social media worked its magic. 
Lucas Bydak, 8, says he never really expected Winnipeg Jets rookie forward Patrik Laine would show up at his birthday party earlier this month. He said it was a ‘big surprise’ when the player did however, drop by his house on Thursday. (Nicole Berube)
Berube said Laine’s mother, Tuija Laine, got in touch …