Just before Christmas, we told you about the story of Jennifer Doering, a Wisconsin mom who accidentally found her adopted daughter Audrey’s long-lost twin. After reuniting on FaceTime, the twins have finally met for the first time after being separated at birth and adopted by different families.
Pull out ALL of the tissues, plus spare mascara and lashes, because you are definitely going to ugly cry your face off.
During a tear jerking appearance on Good Morning America, 10-year-old identical twins Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry had their emotional in-person reunion while their families watched the heartwarming moment unfold.
ICYMI, Doering’s unbelievable discovery happened late last year because she was hoping to present Audrey with a surprise Christmas gift in the form of the girl’s “Chinese Finding Ad,” which is a method that Chinese orphanages employ to list children for adoption. To Doering’s surprise, she found an ad that featured a photo of a …