Jenna Santos and Natalie Griffin were driving back to Castro Valley from the Mendocino area when their car hydroplaned off Highway 101 and into a swollen creek near Willits that night. Unfortunately, only Griffin survived.
Santos’ best friend Griffin was in the passenger seat and she noticed a way to escape from the sinking car through a broken rear window.
“They were upside down and her friend was stuck and she tried to get her out, but couldn’t so she got out and survived, but her friend didn’t,” Castro Valley High School student Kristina Galvin said.
Santos couldn’t get out of the front seat of the sunken car, but Griffin survived by holding onto a tree for 12 hours in freezing water.
Then on Thursday morning, Griffin was able to swim to a bank where she pulled herself out of the water, hiked up a hill, and flagged down someone passing by.
She told emergency …