My introduction to Bob Ross has been nothing short of emotional.
I’m a L?nd?n?r, ?nd ?? ?u?h, I d?dn’t gr?w u? w?th Bob R???. Thr?ugh th? ??w?r ?f th? Internet, I h?d ??m? v?gu? l?w-l?v?l ?w?r?n??? of h?m. I’d seen m?m? pictures of the man w?th th? ridiculous h??r ?nd funny little tree-filled ???nt?ng?, ?? I knew that h? had ??m? kind ?f a TV show. B???nd that, I had n? ???r????t??n ?f th? m?n n?r of h?? TV ?h?w, Th? J?? ?f Painting.
I’m sure I ??uld h?v? tr??k?d down h?? shows ?n Y?uTub?—h?? ?ff????l ?h?nn?l h?? many episodes ?v??l?bl?—but I n?v?r h?d ?n? ??rt??ul?r ?nt?r??t in doing so; wh? would I ?v?n care? I’m n?t all th?t interested in ??l painting—or ?t l???t I didn’t think I w??. M? interest w?? ???u?d, h?w?v?r, b? Twitch’s J?? ?f P??nt?ng marathon th?t k??k?d ?ff th? launch ?f Tw?t?h’? n?w …