SALT LAKE CITY — Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute say a protein discovered in elephants appears to attack and destroy cancer cells found in humans.
Dr. Joshua Schiffman and a team of researchers have spent the last few years searching for a cure for cancer in what might seem like an unusual place: elephant blood.
“The elephants have had 55 million years of research and development to really design the perfect cancer-fighting protein,” Schiffman explained. “Nature has already solved the problem.”
Due to their size and the number of cells their bodies generate, Schiffman said statistically, nearly all elephants should get cancer, yet in reality that rarely ever happens.
“Elephants almost never get cancer,” Schiffman said. “And we think the reason why is they have extra copies of this cancer-fighting protein.”
After synthesizing that protein called P-53 in a lab, Schiffman and his team …