(KUTV) “I love music.”
Derrick Boudwin, 35, has learned that life can throw you all sorts of musical notes.
About a year and a half ago, he discovered a hidden talent in writing and composing music. He’s since released two music videos and a new album. His songs reflect real life—real struggles from his own experience.
“Every single song on the album is based on something factual,” Boudwin said. “So everything in there is real—it’s raw.”
And his musical talents couldn’t have come at a more critical time.
“It has possibly made the difference between life and death with me.”
The reason is a diagnosis in Boudwin’s eyes.
“I have retinitis pigmentosa,” Boudwin said. That basically means he will lose his sight. The blindness starts with the peripheral vision and moves inward. “The eventual prognosis is blindness.”
For this young father of a beautiful family, the thought of losing sight of his wife Cami, 6-year-old son Patrick, 4-year-old …