PACKWOOD, Ia. (WTXF) – An 11-year-old boy wanted to be strong for his cancer-stricken grandfather, so he decided to shave his own head. But when his classmates made fun of his new hairstyle, the school’s principal took matters into his own hands.
Tim Hadley has been a principal at Pekin Middle School for the past three years. But this week, the principal taught his students an unforgettable lesson on acceptance.
After sixth grader Jackson was taunted, Principal Hadley let Jackson shave his head in front of the school. 
“It really struck me,” said Hadley. “He’s just a kid. He’s already going through something with his grandpa. Stage four Lymphoma.”
According to Hadley, Jackson told his mom he wanted to shave his head in support of his grandpa on Sunday. But when he went in for school on Monday, his new ‘do wasn’t well-received. 
That night, Jackson’s mom called principal Hadley to voice her concerns. 
“Some of his friends came …