No doubt a faint scar will form inches above John Wilkie’s left eyebrow. There will probably be discoloration on his left elbow and left knee as well—battle scars courtesy of the tumble the 73-year-old Wilkie took at Sunday’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon.
Wilkie tripped over a spectator’s stroller just shy of the 13-mile mark. Immediately to his rescue came Nathanael Dillard and Colin Jackson. Dillard was running the race, Jackson was spectating.
“I didn’t know if he had a concussion or cracked his skull,” Dillard said. “There was blood everywhere.”
“Nathanael said, ‘You got him?’ I said, ‘Yep.’ Then we aided him to the finish line,” Jackson recalled.
Dillard and Jackson then hooked their arms under Wilkie’s armpits and walked with him across the finish line.
The fall was so violent Wilkie broke his sunglasses and one of his contact lenses.
“I was pretty stunned when I hit the ground,” he said. “Fortunately, those …